80D26L/R Car LiFoPO4 Battery

80D26L/R Motor Car LiFePO4 battery Jump Starter 12V 56AH CCA1300A Rechargeable lithium Iron battery With BMS Voltage Protection

Advantages: It has excellent safety peformance and high efficiency and stability woking performance than traditional Lead acid battery

Light weight: It is only 1/3 times lighter than lead acid battery.

Low self discharge rate: It can be stored for more than 1 years ( and normal lead acid can only be stored with less than 6 months ).

No pollution: It does not contain any hazardous materials such as heavy metal ,acid or any leads etc. Excellent large current charging performance: It can accept 10C charge current and 90% will be charged with 6 minutes.

Fuels saving: Increased the ignition voltage , improved spark plug’s efficiency ,so it can save fuels for your vehicles.

Long cycle life: Normally the cycle life our our battery can reach more than 2000 time with 80% capacity ( noral lead acid battery has only 300 times cycle life ).

Attention: Please check the rectifier is good or not before installation.


KEPWORTH Motor Car LiFePO4 Battery

Model Number  80D26L/R
80D26L  Left is Negative electrode
80D26R  Right is Negative electrode
Capacity  56Ah CCA:1300A
Max Protection Voltage  14.6V
End Voltage  8V
Size  260*172*203*224MM
Weight  10KG
Certificate  CE ROHS MSDS UN38.3
Upgrade Parts/Accessories  Grade A
Voltage Protection Board  Yes
Cycles Life  More than 2000 Times

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