LBN1-45 Car Starter LiFoPO4 Battery

LBN1-45 12.8V 25AH CCA 680A High Power Jump Starter Motor Car LiFePO4 Built-in BMS Voltage Protection Lithium Iron Start Battery

LBN1-45 Car Starter LiFoPO4 Battery Usage

  • Large electric vehicle: vans,motor home, caravan ,electric golf carts, buses, electric cars, sightseeing cars and hybrid vehicles DIY
  • Light electric vehicle: electric bicycle, small flat electric car, forklift, cleaning vehicles, electric wheelchair.

Positive and Negative Electrode Direction:

  • L Negative Positive is Left Negative and Right Positive, L Positive Negative is Left Positive and Right Negative
  • Please note: this battery is default left negative and right positive
Model LBN1-45
Voltage  12.8V
Battery Type  LiFePO4 Battery
Capacity  25Ah
CCA  680A
Size 205*175*175*175mm (LxWxH)
Weight  3.3kg
Battery Polarity  Left Negative & Right Positive
Max Protection Voltage  14.6V
End Voltage  8V
Certificate  CE ROHS MSDS UN38.3
Upgrade Parts/Accessories  Grade A Grade
Voltage Protection Board  Yes
Short-circuit Protecting  Yes
Automatic Start-Stop  Yes
Charging Efficiency  3C
Start Transient Voltage Fluctuation  0.2~0.5V
Discharging Temperature  -25~80Centigrade
Extremely Low self-discharge  <3% for LIFEPO4 versus >20% for SLA Battery.

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